Wednesday, September 15, 2010



I was wondering and wondering which phone should i get. Nokia have been releasing all the hot phone all in one. Because all of them that i have listed have their good and bad about the phone. When i am thinking to get the phone and suddenly from nowhere a new phone have been announce in Nokia World at LA that change my mind. I wish i can get all the phone and use it all but i am not a rich kid whatsoever and wishing that which phone i choose would be the right decision.

Nokia N8


-12 Megapixel with Xenon Flash

- 3.5 inch

- 16 GB built in and 48 GB MicroSD

- OS: Symbian^3

-HDMI Port

- Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound

- Cost 499 Euro

But heard that this phone have only 1 speaker that is what a letdown cost so much but only have one speaker the sound would be nicer if there have speaker left and right. But what i like about this phone would be it look tough and solid on the same time but the price not really sure yet but hope it cost cheaper so that i can buy it.

I never put other specification in there it is because obvious a touch screen phone or all latest nokia phone what they can do. Obviously got GPS, can online and many more. For me getting this phone is quite high but would change my decision would be the price.



Nokia E7


- 8 Megapixel with LED FLASH

- Qwerty Slider

- 4 Inch

- Only Built in 16 GB

- OS: Symbian^3

- HDMI Port

- Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound

- Cost 495 Euro

I love about this phone would be the keyboard and the slider it look like business people and not only that the screen is big enough to fit my head into it. It spec almost the same as the N8 and surely will be cheaper than that. The same thing would be the HDMI and surround sound but for the camera is downgrade to 8 megapixel. But taking picture is not about how big megapixel you have it is about how the person take it for example looking at the angle,light and so on.

This phone would be my 50 50 chances of getting comparing with N8 my decision is decide by the price if the gap is quite near than i would get N8 if the gap is a lot different than i would be getting Slider phone look nice and business person!Haha


Nokia C7


- 8 Megapixel with LED FLASH

- 3.5 inch AMOLED screen

- Built in 8 GB n Expand with MICROSD

- OS: Symbian^3

-Cost 335 Euro

Don’t really like the design roundish look like olden days or something like that. It is lack behind without HDMI and don’t surround sound i think. Other than that i think i would take  E7 don’t have much space but 16 GB i think more than enough for me and some more have keyboard


Nokia C6-01


- 8 Megapixel with LED FLASH

-  3.2" AMOLED touchscreen

- OS: Symbian^3

- 8GB built-in and 2GB MicroSD provided

- Cost 260 Euro

This one i think look ok but i think a bit smaller for me. Nonetheless will wait until it release and try to demo how good it is and only decide which one is the best to get it. For now in my head is full of phone choices to chose from. For this one is quite good enough just fit ok but the screen is a bit small and the price is quite cheap too.

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MizArWeN said...

jz buy iphone lah...hehhe

Jimmy T said...

Iphone is overrated phone!Just saying comparing their spec with Nokia, Nokia win Flat flat!Haha

Future will Ipad haha

Mr Noble said...

if im not mistaken, the Nokia N8 has a built in digital compass, just like iphone 3gs :D

SiMon Har said...

im also doing my homework on these handphones and i think N8 is the best... too bad it will be expensive when it comes to Malaysia :(

Jimmy T said...

Mr.Noble@ Ya it have inbuilt Compass but comparing with Iphone i think N8 is 10 times bettter

Simon@ I think you will surprise the price when it come to Malaysia! At first it announce 499 euro but at store it sold 329 << around there it is like 900++ before tax

Quite Cheap add tax also around 1.5k