Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Would Happen if you Overtake(Vehicle) Without Respect!

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You can see how the back driver drive his/her car like a mad person swerve left and right and keep flashing light. According to source say that it happen in Russia and possibility the black car driver is a Mafia or something like that. I love when the end that thing pop out(Do not want to spoil the STORY) can see the car straight press on the brake but lucky the passenger of the black car was just showing that thing only.

That driver is quite lucky! But maybe the story is the other way around that the black car driver disutrb them first and then they are giving them a piece of them but sadly they lose out.’


Now let talk about Malaysian Driver!

You must drive and you will know how Malaysian driver is not only the traffic light color means different for them:

Green Light  = Drive Slowly

Yellow Light = Drive Faster

Red Light       = Drive Even Faster!

Most of the driver out there is a road bully most of the time smaller car driver drive like crazy on the road not only that in the highway a Myvi can speed faster than a BMW but the safety is an another story that you will not want to know and what happen every year. People nowadays driving is a bit crazy normally people say smaller car need to drive slowly but it is the bigger car drive slowly and the smaller car driving faster than them.

Other than that they will try cut into your lane without respect and most of the time you can see more road bully would be at night because it is time to pop out from their shell and drive crazy on the road. For example in the highway we drive on the fast lane and their speed like crazy they would highlight the car like crazy too. If they meet another crazy driver they would speed very fast and the person highlight him would give a chase too.


Confusing right you chase me i chase i trying to mean that if they meet someone like them on the road they both would be chasing each other. But it is not the guys only driving like that in Malaysia but also ladies driver is more hardcore than the guys out there. They too can drive like crazy don’t underestimate the power of girls.

Mostly people are annoy would be people driving slowly on the fast lane or blocking the only lane and it piss off some of the people. Most of the time people say be patient but it happen always than people will become impatient if they finish their mediation!<< If you know what i mean!


According to source say that Malaysia accident during festive season are very high comparing with other country. It is maybe because they drive without any respect of other driver and this cause their tidak apa attiude( Don’t care attitude) cause the problem. The scariest thing ever would be a lorry behind you and bang into you and it would so deadly! Most of the news that i read on the newspaper or from the net say that a lorry bang into the car from the back and kill *******************************!

Raya Jam is over and worst jam is yet to come maybe it would be on Christmas but not as bad but on Chinese New Year it would be bumper to bumper and KL area would be like a DEAD town that we can year in year out and the whole place will become quiet and even we want to go shopping don’t have the mood because don’t have people to push around and to share air with! Haha

polls_britney_spears_middle_finger_salute_3606_561398_answer_2_xlarge the-middle-finger

If you don’t have the choice and people keep bullying you on the road just do like BRITNEY SPEARS it always work but becareful according to news even you horn people or show some nice finger they will stop in front of your car and come out try to beat you up with baseball bat,Keylock or others.


So the best is not to disturb them and if they disturb you just act like nothing happen! Because it is better do not get into trouble than in trouble and it will be news headline tomorrow!

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