Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you want to know Mark Zuckerberg(Founder of Facebook) Girlfriend?



Always people said that when their is a successfully guy there will be their wife supporting them at the back all along. There is no different for Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg but it is not his wife but it is more to girlfriend type. I know you all out there is hoping to married a rich girl or guy. Slowly wait the dream possibility it coming is like 0.1 % but if you are beautiful than it increase by 50%.

Her name is Priscilla Chan she is one lucky girl it is because Mark is not only only handsome and a bit geeky that what eveybody say but he is one of accidentally billionaire  millionaire that you have known how he make facebook at first for his college at Harvard blah blah blah! And also a dropout <<<< see where is he now?


That is why people say doesn’t mean you get 100 A++++ it is just a paper and reading book and notes this world is unpredictable and a book can’t catch up fast enough what is the world is happening. The richest people in the world is a dropout of college like Steve jobs but i am not calling to dropout of college to clear my purpose and point.


Want to know more juicy news about Mark Girlfriend?

She is also studying with Mark Zuckerberg back then during the Harvard Years! Mark and gang including Priscilla is working together for the facebook stuff and with her skill and ability it attracted mark heart but look at her she is adorable and cute that is why he is attracted to her including myself *paiseh*

That is all the juicy news i know! FOR NOW



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cru314ngel said...

oh wow..lucky him and lucky her...both a genius..wonder what their bb will be like..eheheh

4 ™ said...

her face is cute but body.. not really fancy that.

TuCK said...

Thanks for sharing that JIM.
Love this post haha
and it's shocking!