Friday, September 24, 2010

Becareful with Women with BIG BOOBS and BIG ASS! Possibility is a Suicide Bomber!


According to source that Suicide Bomber is finding alternative way to bomb down a plane such as using their boobs to do all the job. If you know what i mean? Because nowadays suicide bomber have been trying and trying many times but fail doing so but they have find a solution at this problem. That is why now depend on technology to do all the job to detect anything inside their big ass and boobs.

Big Boos

Example of this girl she can implant explosives into their 34KKK or something close and with that even they enter into their airport are impossible to check according to a terrorism expert saying so. It is impossible to detect it is because it is using something similar what are using in the implant and with that it is undetectable. The solution would be waiting for the world expert to create a technology that can change our life.

Scary but it is true! It is easy to check people hiding heroine in their butt hole,mouth or sticking at their body because the police can use their hand to dig their butthole or strip them naked and check them. But implant are inside our body for them to check their need to cut that person open. I forget to say the girl in the picture is innocent and not a terrorist just finding a picture a girl with similar things!Haha


Other than boobs job their also putting it into their butt because most of the time you can see European they big big of everything including their stomach and it is hard to detect of suspicious because it is normal for them. Expert are worry that the islamic radical are using it explosive to make the girl with A size to DOUBLE DD!

The world keep going round and round but you can’t predict what in the future and day by day the world are getting harder and harder to survive because of risk and nowadays thing that is fake it is looking so similar that people feel it is real. From what i heard that girl want to have a boob job nowadays can make it look real because last time people can see it is fake or real but now it is impossible.

The world will change because everything in this world is “ MADE IN CHINA” they dominate EVERYTHING!


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sabree hussin said...

good looks can deceive us