Monday, September 20, 2010

Playing Video Game can make you SMARTER After all!


Wow! Playing game can make you smarter in many was. For example if you play game like Call of duty it make you better decision maker that people don’t play. Maybe it is because the game is an action game so when we play it we have the decision to hide,run,shoot,kill the person it is more about how we make our decision and tactic. It also play a role in our life so people out there don’t regret that you play a lot of game because it is good for you and your mind.


Because the game is fast pace it is virtually for us to make our decision wisely and it is related to our real life too. I love this one and people that like to play Sims game because it is a slow pace game and comparing with people play fast pace game there are bit slower with that lucky i hate playing Sims game because it is quite boring doing the same again and again.

Did not know playing game have a lot benefit. Other than better decision maker we all just sit at the couch and keep clicking the button not only that we stare the screen the whole day it make our vision better by improving our contrast and shading it is weird and mysterious but i think it really work because most of the people i know play a lot of games don’t wear spectacle.

megan_fox_glasses Elly3

Wearing spectacle is mostly for nerd i don’t mean like that i mean people that love studying and keep staring the book all day long. But sometime wearing spectacle can be annoying because when you sit at the car(air-cond) after coming out from the car your glasses will turn blur that is quite annoying but it have their pro and cons. Some girls wear spectacle make them look hotter if they know how to do it! ^_^

Not only it make them good decision maker their accuracy is high too! You will surprise how good is a GAMER! I was wondering do Starcraft II have related to it or not because Starcraft is the best game in the century you can see many Dota player moving to Starcraft II . Starcraft is a real time strategy and it relate with tactic hope it make me a good decision maker!Haha


Playing driving game make us good too because we decide when to press our brake,handbrake,bang and etc. I was wondering if a dating game do we improve our skill in catching girl or dating? Hmmm it is still a mystery but good decision maker is real if you don’t believe than you should try to play more games and see how much you improve and how is the result.

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how are you?

Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!

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Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you