Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today my BLOG Turn 1 YEAR OLD!


My blog turn 1 Year old at 11 September 2010! My first post was at 11 September 2009 saying that i have move my blog from Livespace to blogspot and not only that it is the right choice i have ever make. At first i thought livespace was the best but after making some research and stuff blogspot is one of the best free and easy to use.

Until today i have posted 731 posts counting this one will be 732 post so far. But this time around i have posted lesser and lesser since 2009 because was busy here and there and do not have much time to concentrate on my blog and stuff. My blog have been with me for a year and i love it so much and it have change my life a lot. Blogging not only help me to know more people but improve my English i still remember long ago people say you should improve my English here and there. I not saying my English is Perfect 10 but there is still space for improvement.

Nowadays i know how to control spammer,critic or people that try to push me down and have meet a lot type of people at my blog that i don’t even notice it at first. Not want to be cocky or something like that, i have notice that some of my friend read my blog but just keep quiet about it and give me a surprise sometimes. I have learn a lot of my 1 year of blogging it have not only change everything but following the trend of the 20th.

But the last and not least i would like to thank to my blog reader that have supporting me from the start especially to the one that visit me always and also the one that always drop me a comment i am so touch!Haha

For this 1 year i have open 4 extra blog and one facebook fanpages that you can see and follow:


BLOG:                <<<< Now you reading right!Haha   <<<< Very Touchie Blog!             <<<< Very Hamsap Blog with girls and stuff!  <<<< This blog is dead have stop updating because don’t have much time to manage it!

Facebook:  <<< Do follow me! Will update often

Twitter:                    <<<<< Follow is Caring


If you all are reading! WHen you view my post please please drop a comment so that i will know the post it is good enoguh so that in the future i can improve myself day by day. Life is about learning right? So drop a comment or feedback the post you read because it make a big different for me you can be anonymous or be yourself! ^_^

Don’t be shy i will not bite you!

3 Lovely Comment:

MizArWeN said...

Haooy 1 year Blogversary! Congratz...keep it up!

Daphne Le Lyra said...

peeeewit!congratulation jimmy!!

Jimmy T said...

Mizarwen@ Thanks Thanks ^_^ for the support

Daphne@ Thanks my first year!Haha