Sunday, September 5, 2010

Girls in the ARMY make them more ATTRACTIVE!

* It our of topic a bit but are related!

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I am trying to mean to say that Girls or Female in the army to say that they can do the stuff that guys can do too we cannot look  down on people whatsoever even they are quiet or don’t look clever. Because they are hiding their skill in them and one day they will surprise you that they can do better and proof you wrong.

Most of the time people judge the person by the look or outside and at the end they get cheated whatsoever because in the inside and outside is different we should know the person better already than we have the right to judge the person.

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Back to the topic people say that if a girl can work something that guys can do make them look more attractive to other. I think maybe they look tougher and more independent and that make them attractive. Attractive doesn’t mean they look beautiful but other thing such as their rough attitude or anything else.

Some people have different type of taste of girls some guys like girls that are not independent so that they can take care of them but for others they want a girls that can take care of them and be independent. But nowadays what guys dominate last time but now it way different most of the stuff girls are better for example comparing in college you can see more girls than guys and also award of the movie like best action or something that i read somewhere girls won.

Even a person not good on something doesn’t mean they cannot learn or maybe their are better in something else. This type of discrimination normally you can see in college when people want to find a group.


Girls nowadays are way smarter than guys and girls are more hardworking when doing something. The world have change everything is not dominate by guys but slowly and slowly girls will take over and time will tell when it will happen.


*Related to my older topic below “When you know the TRUTH Color of Someone”

Sometimes in LIFE you are too nice or good to someone people will take advantage of you. Like the person i was saying i have been helping that person a lot no matter what i don’t ask anything bad but i have given the person many chances and the last one make me i have enough of it and find someone that deserve me better.

In life there is many type of people some people will try their best to push you down and it is how you handle it and be strong whatever happen next it is about learning and experience end of the day you will know who will be your true FRIENDS and which not. I have learn from my mistake that we should be too close to someone until you know their real intention.

Most of the time i can know when i with someone i can know that the person have the hate to me or not. Maybe it is something that GOD given me that i can read people mind not talking but by looking at them and other movement like their gestures,etc. I have known it when middle stages that it will end like this but i am the first person to pull a FULL STOP of IT!

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