Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Why I want an Iphone 4 ?

Hmmmmmmm! First i would say i have never own an APPLE product before in my life i would want to admit and i love Nokia phone more than Apple that i think it is just their marketing gimmick that make their product selling so well and so much people that is interested on their phone. Other than that their price is quite expensive comparing with their specification of their phone and others.
I keep thinking for days like 4 to 5 days you know what come out from my mind?


My ANSWER is: I was wrong to say that because Apple iphone 4 have everything that i need from A-Z it is resistible when it first touch Malaysia soil i even tweet about it when it official release at Malaysia even it release 1 day earlier than China i think we should be proud about it. It will not go wrong where Apple iphone 4 land will be a guarantee sold out.
Other than that you can see that so many people is lining up a few days ahead before the release date just to get iphone 4 before anybody get their hand on it. I wish i have the chance to get my hand on it but was busy and do not know where to line up! On the same time it is a bit costly for me as a student to buy this phone myself if only i am rich than it is a different story.

iphone 4

Surely when you buy a phone you surely want to know about the spec of the one than buying blindly. So let me brag about the feature that Iphone 4 that people keep buzzing about it non stop! I will just talk about spec that i love the phone so much at first sight.

Iphone 4 vs Iphone 3GS

I love about this phone would be it is smaller and more solid comparing to their older version of apple family and it is more squrish and solid so it is nice to hold it and even drop it. By looking at it have make me feel tempted to get this phone and feel it myself. It look like a normal phone but when you touch it will be an extraordinary feel like never before.
I love the design of iphone because it is like the future phone and sooner or later other phone will be copying them by that time apple have a never design and better devices for us. For example Apple Iphone 3G was the only touch screen around but when slowly and slowly people notice iphone is stealing their business and sooner or later all the market have touchscreen phone.


Just like Ipad when they first release it is so hot everybody is buying it but later on you can see other PC company like Asus,Samsung is doing iTablet, the HP one and many more. It is like Apple comany is doing every devices for the future and people is looking at their every move. When they say right people will go right.
That is why I love Iphone 4 so much because it is time for me to change a new phone and new company to try it out even it is a bit costly for most of us. But don’t worry there is Digi plan for iphone 4 that will cost cheaper and everybody can own Iphone 4 no matter how rich or poor are you.



Not only the resolution is higher but it is clearer too! As you can see the picture it is more clearer and on the same time the picture is more extraordinary. Iphone 4 have a new screen that they named is as LED backlit! That is why the screen look nicer and even the pixel is freaking high i think i say also i don’t understand what it is!haha
The best part is with the screen technology it can see under the sun than now you will not have to worry about reading under the sun that we experience in Malaysia daily so this tech is really useful for us. They also said they have the best screen ever even you zoom like hell you can’t see tiny tiny box! That is GREAT!!!!!


The camera come with 5 megapixel surely it can’t compete like Nokia and Sony. But you will surprise the quality of the picture it is as good as the 12 megapixel camera phone or DSLR if you know how to use the camera it is unbelievable. Also the camera come with LED flash and their front camera is VGA whatever it is!Haha




This phone is taken by Apple and you can see the resolution and the picture is marvelous! For their video part it is taken in 720 and other than that it come with High Definition it will be surely the best video out there with your phone.


Iphone 3GS sound was not really good at time and is not loud enough for people to hear. But Apple have hear what people wanted and Iphone 4 come with a louder speaker and obviously with better sound quality. The sound is nice even you put in full bass or the loudest. It don’t have the disturbing sound when you use a low quality speaker or phone.
But you will not have to worry it have one of the best sound quality when you get your hand on the phone.


Battery Life
People have surprise how good is Iphone 4 battery life with all the heavy duty new item in the phone and it still can last longer than other phone out there. Even their put the iphone into heavy duty mode by putting or calling non stop it can last more than one day at least. Some of the phone can only last less than a day and it is quite frustrated when you use the phone when you need to charge and charge everyday.

One of the best and best!!!!!

I would want to say the Iphone 4 is one of the best phone to date and i love all the features of the phone they have not only can get song and application easily even the touch screen the OS make the phone smooth and easy to use. It is similar with Iphone 3Gs but with better features and overall i would want to get my phone on this phone.

Because i love to own a touchscreen phone and Apple product!!!!!!!!! Sharing is Caring


Look the spec on top i don’t even know how to see. But i know that the new phone of Nokia N8 is quite low. They can’t beat Iphone 3GS how do you expect them to beat the superior Iphone 4 that is faster and better. Their new phone can’t beat them and the company can beat iphone would be Nokia but with this proof and specification they are not even close to beat them.

That is why Iphone 4 is my choice if i can’t own it at least i can admire it from far. It is not about you own it or not but it is about this device can change people life and the world. Apple product is the future device of the WORLD you don’t believe it than you can just wait and see.

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