Monday, May 10, 2010

All Funny Tech Support Sign! That you Wish it Was Real

it_signs3_thumb it_signs4_thumb  it_signs6_thumb it_signs_thumb it_signs1_thumb 

I think you should use this as your computer background or you print it out and stick at your desk or something so that people will talk to you more seriously than “Thank You for Noticing This New Notice” <<<< WTF!


Also I know you all do Google yourself sometimes especially girl don’ you a agree? Don’t hide i know you do

I will admit I do Google but I don’t google myself only Google my blog or something like that I don’t need to Google myself because i know myself well and do not want the internet to judge me.


Don’t you all feel that password is like underwear?  Don’t share underwear you can spread disease like spreading password. Keeping wearing the same password like wearing the same underwear everyday will make your bird or ass grow mushroom or something and you will surely feel eating it than going to bath or something.

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dont knw wht happened with ur cbox! cant reply at there ;) of course I got did the secret mission for u ;)

nebular said...

Interesting signage n funny too. StayTune.........

Jimmy T said...

nebular@ Stay Tune? for hello kitty