Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2- Week 12(B)- Football=Adidas?

why football and Adidas go together??


As we know ,Adidas is the manufacturer for not only boots but also jerseys,Football,caps,socks and more!

All their products are in high quality.

One more thing is that they have special shoes for different type of feet.

Look for it more in their website.

With all this unique creation,they could meet the needs of everyone.

You could get everything under one roof,why bother to find for others??


Enjoy the lastest Episodes 29-32 of Project Alpha Season 2!


Episode 29

Wooo Juicy News about secret that nobody know about Kimberly! Aaaaahhhh so adorable both of them are loving each other only not reaching the level to get married!

Episode 30

Woooo! Look at them experiencing in hand about special animal in the zoo and on the same time have a chance to touch and feel the animal. I think there is beaver and the scariest is the snake.

Episode 31

Woo KY have the chance to see snake face to face of it. The best part was the ranger say that when he run you should keep it up. Other than that KY born at the year of snake and Cheesie born at the year of rat surely she will scared of it. Lucky the swimming,hanging,flying snake did not bite KY if not he will shout like a*tut* that what i pressume! haha

Episode 32

Wooo look at all the tiger are so adorable just like the cat behind my house that meowh meowh day and night but this one roar and also eat meat. Not only that you can have a chance how a Tiger will be in the zoo and have it is behavior and also can see fetching meat to the tiger. Like throwing meat for them to eat.

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. The Project Alpha bloggers will be at the Adidas Pure Game Ole KO event on Friday (May 21), from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Catch them in action!

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