Monday, May 17, 2010

A Turtle doing Ninja Spin

Look at the freaking Turtle! Super Spin


Look at the turtle skill even my turtle can’t even do that super ninja skill. If you did not see anything weird look clearly on the second picture on the left that the turtle use it hand to go up. You can’t see normal turtle do that. Even the last picture the turtle can drift to the side. That is something you can’t normally see cherish the moment of turtle lol!

But don’t make turtle soup or anything! Play it like your pet of dog or cat! Sayang Sayang it! Don’t bite it

3 Lovely Comment:

mizarwen said... turtle can do breakdance...yo yo!

Anonymous said...

cool... LOL captured at the right moment.. :D

Jimmy T said...

lol you should try on your cat next time! haha =]