Sunday, May 30, 2010

Guinness Book of Record: Most Expensive Cell Phones


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This phone is call “ Le Million” I think it call like this it is because the cost of the phone with all the the shining diamond make the phone cost million. Everything in this world something surely will be coated with gold like Apple Ipad too. But in other country it is safe to carry it around but in Malaysia carrying this phone in no time it will be snatch by people.

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This phone is make by a company call GoldVish Luxury Communication. By looking the company the word “Luxury” said it all that the phone is quite luxurious. I think they should call the name of the company GoldFish Luxury Communication. GoldVish Luxury is a Swiss company.

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The phone is cost at 1 million euro and exchange to Malaysia it is about RM 4,039,777. Don’t you think it is worth it? I think for that price can buy a Ferrari already. Not only that the phone have went into Guinness World Record because it is the world most expensive phone.

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But look at the diamond all over the phone so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i tell you! But i am not that interested maybe girls are more interested in it than guys. But it still look unique compare to a normal in the market.

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SonnyKazu said...

sorry... for this phone I would sell for good! :P

Jimmy T said...

Sonny@ Give it to me for DISPLAY!