Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sexy Hot Babes in Drawing! By Marco

marco_44 marco_46 marco_47 marco_49  marco_51marco_06 marco_52  marco_05  marco_09 marco_38marco_10 marco_12 marco_13 marco_14marco_18 marco_17  marco_19 marco_20 marco_21 marco_22 marco_23 marco_24 marco_25 marco_26 marco_30 marco_31 marco_32 marco_33 marco_34 marco_35 marco_36 marco_37  marco_39 marco_40 marco_42 marco_43

Don’t you think all the picture look interesting! Maybe for guys but don’t look at the badside of it but look how nice is the drawing. Not only that it have variety of picture to look at it. I do not want to enlarge the picture because it would take a lot of bandwidth. And also don’t want to be too pervert! haha

Don’t you wish to get a hottie looking like this? ^_^ interesting right. Ok the picture is safe to look at, but don’t drip your saliva to your keyboard. But i was wondering how he draw a damn beautiful picture. I wish i have the ability to do that but for now only have a chance to use paint to draw something weird out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Surprised no-one has commented, these are awesome, I think the army one is the best! :D