Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don’t Be too Friendly to your Enemy!

Come i try to make a scene out of this picture and at the end would tell a short grandfather story not the grandpa grandma stuff the bullshitting stuff. Let the word do all the talking.


Cheetah* Pet Pet the Kangroo deer! Like they are best friend ever.


Hmmmm! Free Hug Hug for you!


Free licking for you! No Bitty


WTF! IT Gonna bite me the freaking Cheetah


Moral of the Story”: Like people like to say is be more closer to your enemy. Ya I agree too but when you do it you should look your back not buta buta just be close to them. You will never know they know that you are doing something bad behind them and they will try their best to do something back to you so that you will not notice it too.

Like someone i know, we have been friends for years and i have always helped him most of the time. Even with that i never ask for anything bad. But now he act like king of idiot and think me a stranger or something. But let the fate decide what will happen next. o _ o <<< Must open bigger so that no backstabber will happen again.

Don’t you all agree? If you want you can share your story but you can keep who it is in private =]

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