Saturday, May 8, 2010

FHM UK Magazine Cheryl Tweedy Sexiest Women 2010! *Sexy*

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I think she deserve it! She is still young and have a cheating husband as you know Ashley Cole. That is why rich people way of manage their wife. But if for me if i get her(dreaming) i am more than satisfy just looking and bringing her around. Let me describe a few word about her:


She have a cute smile that what make she is so perfect even everything fit nicely in the box. It is one in a lifetime special thing will pop out so we should handle it with care when it is gone we will start regretting about it. So let our heart do the talking and enjoy the ride.

3 Lovely Comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, she has a little smile which makes her really beautiful; but her husband is really very stupid to de unfaithful to her, if she was my wife I would treat her with love,respect and I would protect her.

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ Agree with you too! Having her as a GF is more than enough

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