Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Valet That Given a Ferrari F430 to the wrong person


According to Herald Sun at Australia in casino that a valet have given a *freaking* Ferrari F430 to a wrong person due to losing the valet ticket or something. Not only that on the same time in the casino there is a lot of famous celebrities in there such as Van Marcus a pro poker player and etc. Adam Ramsey i am not sure who he is went to the valet and say that he lost his ticket.


Adam pointed the Ferrari F430 was his, then the valet call Adam to fill personal info, and after that the valet hand over the Ferrari to him.  Than Van Marcus the pro poker found out that his car was gone he report it to the police and it take the police to get back the car in 6 hours. Than Adam Ramsey plead guilty for stealing a super Ferrari.


So don’t mess with celebrity and rich people. Their car if get stolen for a police to finding it is quite high. But for poor people losing a Toyota Camry whatsoever police would not really care that much. Not sure for other country but the country i know it is.

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