Friday, May 21, 2010

Let See How Much Of Water we have Wasted Daily


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After seeing it you will be surprise how much water have you wasted that you don’t need that much actually. Water is really important to our life if one day there is no water in the world we would start to feel how water is really important. When it really happen people start to regret. Not only water but electricity.

Long time ago electricity is not something we need daily. I mean according to hierarki Maslow theory that we only need clothes,food,place to study and now it change we need electricity to live. Sometimes you can see people waste water like washing car opening the water hose during they putting soap on the car.

It is important we start doing now because Global Warming is around the corner. Now we can feel the changes such as the weather are getting hotter everyday,ice storm <<< happen before, etc etc. So that is the sign if we continue our normal lifestyle it will get even worst by the day. Changes is part of puzzle of our life.

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2 Lovely Comment:

Nic Da Nic said...

yeah..interesting...when i scrub my body..i off my water...haha..i saving water...scared my bill

Jimmy T said...

Nic@ Ya you are saving the world