Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 13(b) Celebrities Who Stink


I think the person should use deodorant would be Ninie Ahmad because she exercise most of the time and i am not saying she is smelly or something like that, i just saying that because she exercise a lot and a lot of sweat and surely it smelly than smell like a perfume. Don’t you think so? But is really important that she use often because it can help our smelly place don’t smell and feel nice and cozy the whole day without worry about sweating and smelliness. 

First Impression look is important but smell too is the first impression if you don’t bath you will surely smell bad!

Episode 36

You will be a surprise a hairdresser can compete with Ninie and also as good as her. I was surprise almost given me a heart attack after seeing it. Not only that there is other blogger trying to do the limbo how low can you go. Like Jay Sean Down Down Down Down!

Episode 37

Than for this part their are introducing something weird cycling stuff that can help your muscle to grow.  Damn it is quite effective after looking something like a dumbbell

Episode 38

Jojo get to interview Vinay Kumar talking about something related to our mood to be happy or something like that. And Ninie Introduces someone of her role model of Yoga! Helping her every step.

Episode 39

Do you want to know how to be as fit as Ninie Ahmad what you should do,eat, and etc. Than you should watch the video.

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