Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama Sent a Strong Message! Without Talking


That is how you sent  a message to people so that they will not mess with you. Sometimes people will bully you or take advantage of you if you never show them what you are.

For example in a working area, if you are new like a trainee than you don’t have a choices you will guarantee been bully every time,everyday and you cannot run away of them because working under one roof. Let me tell you a story a person that i have known for about more than a year now, and after reaching one and half year, he start to be more like a pig than before.

Than slowly slowly we start to talk lesser and now you can see clearly he is taking advantage clearly. << i still not yet tell you al what it is

The story is like this for example when his friend are busy whatsoever he would come to my other friend and me to go out if he have no one to get out with. But when his friend are with him always he will not sit and there and will never move. Even you all can’t see it, but only need something come to us and think we is his slave or something.

Next time tell him to fly kite lah!

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