Friday, May 21, 2010

PJ Live Arts Theater! Caught in the MIDDLE PART IV

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I was invited to go PJLA Theatre to ask people making joke. It was as funny as hell and also have local humor in it. After seeing how much is the original price it quite me a heart attack. The original price is cost RM70.


Here is it! some of the actor you would know i not sure what is his name but it is a local Malay actor. Here is the synopsis

A day in the life of the Chandrans and their friends, the Hamzahs as they wade through landslides, uncertain public transport, the TakPandai Medical (Last) Resort, shopping malls, warungs and the surreal landscape of local TV, culminating in the reality show ‘Who Wants to be a Politician?’ … or maybe it’ll end with another landslide. This multilingual/dialect Malaysian comedy first appeared for two successful seasons in 1987, culminating with, according to the Singapore Straits Times, being one of the three best shows at the Singapore Fringe Festival 1988. Parts II & III surfaced in 1991 & 1993”

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Among all the different part I love the most is “Who want to be a Politician” damn it is funny as hell and mix humor about local Malaysia politician really funny if you know the situation in Malaysia. The funny part was the a female acting as a commenter at the corner was funny as hell and her slang was so funny love it. Than people laugh like hell she use the water gun and shoot at the crowd haha! Lucky i was sitting at the back.

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I wish i know who she is but it was marvellous movie ever. The part i was saying is Who want to be a Politician is she was so funny part like who can hop faster the real meaning is “lompat Party”, than she say bumiputra can go ahead by 50% but she say all chinese,indian and etc etc. Even Singapore muhahahhaha

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But you should watch this one before it gone forever. It is quite pricey but it is worth to watch it.

PJ LIVE ART (1 of 5)

Here is some of the sponsor! Guys and Girls if you know who is that girl that i was saying remember to drop a comment here! Interested to know who she is just curiosity not pervert whatsoever. The one use the water gun if you have went the movie or on the stage act as a Datuk or something not sure really what it is.

Funny part was nearly end of the movie Who Want to be a Politician was the last people gonna talk the light went off and blame it on TNB! haha also they say streamyx finally connected! <<< means long time never connect already.

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goingkookies said...

RM70? seriously?

they have really funny stand up comedies.. but rather pricey i reckon

Jimmy T said...

Yup it cost that much! If you say nuffie at buying time you will get 20% discount! It is really worth it but can be quite pricey at time

Antares said...

The girl with the mini-watercannon was Nell Ng lah. She was beyond fabulous as Deputy Minister Datin Musnah :-) She'll be in another play (a musical?) coming up soon!

Jimmy T said...

Antares@ Thanks for the tip! Looking forward for another laughter! She work beside Phua Chu Kang before

Anonymous said...

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you so much for your review.
We are glad that you enjoy the show.
Do stay with us for more upcoming show in June and July.


PJ Live Arts

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ not a problem!