Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Message to AIDSAware



It is important that we create awarness about AIDS because everyday people are suffering with it. Because it can cause death and some people don’t really know what is AIDS it is important that people and aware about it, it is because it can effect the future of the world and at that country. We all can change it with a little help we can make a big changes all over the world not only helping others but just sending the right message to them.

Times have come that we play our part in it. We will never know what can happen next it is good that we do something to help others than nothing at all. Times have change and it is time for us to change too.

Don’t you all think we all should send a strong message? Like Malaria in Malaysia it can kill a lot of people but now it is gone it is because we all play our part to kill all the mosquito(Malaria) so that it will not let our country to suffer again but now we can play our part for AIDS even we can’t stop all at once but we can educate and reduce bit by bit it is more easy to reduce it than stop all at once.

Here is all the video from 15 to 17

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