Friday, May 7, 2010

Asian Version of Kim Kardashian! She look gorgeous

Don’t you love Kim Kardashian original but it is fit for us to have a Asian Version one she is one and only Nicolette Lacson.

You can see that nicolette and Kim have similarity in term of their super boobs,body shape,hair and sexy face expression if you can notice it.

kim-kardashian-picture-1 nicolette_lacson_31

Is there any similarities? but i think this picture are not really but when i show you all the picture you can see that there is a big like her style if you know who is Kim Kardashian. I wish i have this kind of girlfriend would be one in a lifetime opportunity.

nicolette_lacson_02 nicolette_lacson_03 nicolette_lacson_05 nicolette_lacson_06 nicolette_lacson_07 nicolette_lacson_08 nicolette_lacson_09 nicolette_lacson_10  nicolette_lacson_12 nicolette_lacson_13 nicolette_lacson_14 nicolette_lacson_15 nicolette_lacson_16 nicolette_lacson_17 nicolette_lacson_18 nicolette_lacson_19 nicolette_lacson_20 nicolette_lacson_21  nicolette_lacson_32nicolette_lacson_23  nicolette_lacson_25nicolette_lacson_28nicolette_lacson_27 nicolette_lacson_40nicolette_lacson_44nicolette_lacson_45nicolette_lacson_26   nicolette_lacson_29 nicolette_lacson_30  nicolette_lacson_22 nicolette_lacson_34nicolette_lacson_42nicolette_lacson_36             

If you can’t see it clearly you should open your eye more wide so that you can see more clearer. Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn she is freaking hot! Even not as hot as the weather

5 Lovely Comment:

SonnyKazu said...

Hot~~~ Hot~~~ Hot~~~ ! :D

mizarwen said...

M Kim biggest fan (SUPER)...aiyooo...dun agree wf ds. Got other who nearly d same as Kim wah...heheheh

Jimmy T said...

Sonny@ I am feeling hot too!

mizarwen@ Woo Kim i dont like the original like put a lot of makeup and boob to big! Maybe i am blur a bit that why cannot see lol! But importantly she still gorgeous

Hilda Milda said...

what nationality is her? thailand her? omgg, cant believe it.

melville said...

kim is armenian, armenian people are also asians she could have some east asian ascendency