Monday, May 17, 2010

Project Alpha season 2 –Week 12(a) -Who Will Win the World Cup?

For me,i would say Malaysia if they are still in but sorry..LOL.

I think England will do well for this world cup.With rooney performance this season,i think they will just slip through and become the winners. In addition to that,Capello is consistent and i hope with his guidance as the coach,he will successfully bring England back to its glory days!

Really wanna see England get back on the winning days are holding up the cup makes me proud too.

Its just how i feel about it.

Enjoy the video!

There are 3 video from episode 26 to 28!



Episode 26

Aaahhhh! Look at that cute monkey! Also the monkey love the deodorant so much!

Episode 27

Look at Cheesie so frightened by the snake! Look at her shout and on the same time you all can laugh your tut tut all out haha!

Episode 28

Look at all the delicious food! It make me feel hungry! NOW

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