Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Cat trying to save the baby by Attacking the Babysitter

At first the baby was playing with the sitter <<< babysitter than while playing with the baby the sitter accidentally broke a cup. Than the cat thought there was a attacker at home and …………….        <<<< i don’t want to spoil the ending.


Look at the cat it is coming! If you want to know what spoil the endng than just view below cheater!


. Honey






Remember to collect all the first alphabet! And see what it say

The cat attack the babysitter, maybe the cat thought it was attacking a criminal attacking the kitty house or something and try to protect the baby. Wow a cat can even do that, even sometimes dog would not do like that. I wish i have a cat to protect me even they is small and cuddly.

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2 Lovely Comment:

Anonymous said...

now that's a non lazy cat

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ Yaaa! I wish i have a girlfriend can protect me like that too! haha