Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 9b:Camera, Rolling, and Action3!


Hmmm about my audition video it is quite lousy and lame i think because i don’t really what to do for the 60 minutes it is like 60 hours or something like that. But I hope you all like it, I will let you find your own way where is the video worry people will complain this and that. Later someone yeewwzz you look ugly,your sound ugly,your phone ugly, you too fat whatever lol!

It is also opportunities to be famous but for now i don’t have much time to be famous but to concentrate on my future. But maybe later or in the future i would have more time concentrate on it.

Enjoy the video they will be off to meet one and only Xiaxue! Don’t you think she look hot as a blonde. Maybe my future girlfriend would be blonde too. To eager who will it be haha!


One and only Niki  will interview Xiaxue in London and it is one in a life time opportunity to meet a top blogger of Singapore not only she is classy but she is extraordinary.


Oppps! She don’t have blonde hair? Maybe she bought wrong for her hair coloring stuff.

Episode 11

You can see on the video they can go to the first class lounge what a day get economy class ticket but can go First CLass Lounge WTF! lol just joking but it is still fun. Can massage your leg, hot chick <<<< opps added myself haha!

Episode 12

Wow look at all the food it is amazing not only there is smoke there is Italian hottie talking. But the food is really really amazing even i repeat amazing twice the food dressing,presentation fantistio <<< whatever language it is

Episode 13

Wow Xiaxue have a fan at London damn i wish i can be that famous one day. Maybe i can start dreaming than it is coming to reality. But it is an enjoying video because i have never visit there before so I wish to go there to watch the Red Devils not the Devils it is one and only Manchester United.

Episode 14

Here mostly talking about her experience of blogger from hatter,celebrity status but

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