Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 14 - My Sweetheart Smells Like “FRESH”


I think Fresh Anti Perspirant Spray would be the best not only for me but for other people. Because it will make you have a refresh feeling and cool all day along. Other than that it can be use most of the time like in the office,shopping and many more. But at the end of the way all the product are quite the same. I mean in term of what their protection are about.


It help us smell good all day long! They have variety of color for us to choose from and different color have their own specialty and it will help us. But if you not sure what to choose i think the best would be the fresh type because everybody surely want to feel refresh than sweaty in aircond room because we can smell sometimes. For more hot details about their product you can visit their offical website don’t worry they will not bite you whatsoever.

With the adidas action 3,Control suits my other half better where it has a fresh fragrance which smells really good.

In addition to that,it also keeps clothes white and not yellowish like what perfumes did.

It will leads to less cleaning of clothes and no stains which makes everything complete.

Episode 40

Here is the new blogger Azwan Ali and not only that you can have a look of redmummy without makeup. Not only that you can experience Azwan Ali in person in shouting mood! Haha

Also know why he like to put big caps in his essay!

Episode 41

You can see Azwan Ali was so busying and still have time for his fans out there and people that are watching project alpha. The way he talk make it really interesting that what I like about him. And also his experience how to be famous in the first post he ever make and how many visitor year visit his blog.

Episode 42

I like his style and how he handle all the bad critic and hater of his blog. Don’t you like his style and also do you want to know how much the event that he organize. But luckily it is sponsor so everything will be Free of Charge. You should see what he say Project Alpha as Project Anger haha! Enjoy!



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