Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look at People that Sleep in the PUBLIC

Sometimes people sleep on the public and people are trying to make them look funny instead.


See standing also can sleep this person!

sleeping_people_04 sleeping_people_06 sleeping_people_07  sleeping_people_13 sleeping_people_14 sleeping_people_16

See sometimes powerful people in the country or in the world feel sleeply and get boring hearing all the bullshitting with each other and stuff

sleeping_people_20 sleeping_people_22 sleeping_people_39 sleeping_people_08 sleeping_people_46 sleeping_people_48 sleeping_people_50 sleeping_people_54

But next time when you encounter someone sleeping in public, first thing first you should take out your camera and snap snap picture of them or pose with them. The best is to take their picture and upload it into youtube or facebook to make them famous just in one day.  Sleeping is something that everybody enjoy doing it. It is not wrong sleeping in public.

But one thing first people will use full advantage of it. It is like sharing is caring.

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