Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fact ALL About BOOGERS Aka Mucus!

Before you read this do you know what is Boogers?

The disgusting mucus that green green color coming out from your nose


I don’t really know what boogers after reading it. Tell you a story last time when i am young i cry or get running nose i will lick the mucus because it taste like something nicely salty and delicious.


Can you believe 2 liter of mucus?


lol can fly about 100 mph hahha!


The most disgusting of all is eating your ear shit before?

Hmmm eating semen i think some people have try it before or experience before taste like milk right?


Can you believe that sneeze in a tissuse can sell at ebay for $5,300 that is freaking a lot. I wish my mucus cost that much too. Hmmm wondering who will buy it.

2 Lovely Comment:

mizarwen said...

Very u willing to taste again ur booger afta ds? LOLs

Jimmy T said...

miazarwen@ Yeeewwzzz that is disgusting! Would try fresh milk instead than salty poop! lol