Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is How we Handle Snatch Thief

This is how China work together to stop snatch thief ! That is what we called 1 China 1 PEACE

Video Explanation

The snatch thief is at the wrong place at the wrong time they did not know that the whole neighborhood of people would come and but their ass off it. They mess with the lion they will get the lion to roaarrrr at them. So all the snatch theif out there stop snatching people go and find a job and do something good than bad. You will never know the next time something would happen like the video maybe worst.

Picture Explanation:


You can see the motorbike is snatching the female bag!

Capture Capture

See more and more people are coming to help!


Look at the snatch thief so scared and trying to runaway instead hitting a van!

Capture Capture

The snatch thief try to fight back but there is a lot of people. Now it is not about how strong you are but the number in there.


Finally they have been caught! Justice have won today not crime! Crime Sux! Justice is the BEST sometimes

For better scene watch the video! My picture explanation quite sux bare with me !

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