Sunday, May 23, 2010

Concept Car: BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Vs Audi A9

Which car look better and have a better overall look between this 2 super German Cars! Both car have the next gen look in the outside but in the inside don’t look too promising. But the car engine say it all!

Let me compare the look of both car. For BMW the front look have an angry look of it. For Audi look quite nice too but i like more on the BMW. But at the back of BMW look quite weird with the design something that you will not see everyday. For Audi simple and nice for this category  Audi win this. Let more on to the car performance.

01-bmw-vision-efficientdynamics-live 04-bmw-vision-efficientdynamics-live 07-bmw-vision-efficientdynamics-live 08-bmw-vision-efficientdynamics-live 


top speed limited electronically to 155 mph,

acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds

Average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is 3.76 liters/100 kilometers, equal to 62.6 mpg,

CO2 emission rating is 99 grams per kilometer.

all-electric mode after charging the battery from a plug-in source

fuel-efficient 3-cylinder turbodiesel with one electric motor on each axle

02a9conceptdaniel 03a9conceptdaniel 05a9conceptdaniel a9conceptdaniel

For Audi can’t find the spec of the car. This car was announce few days ago. But from my point of view first time seeing the car it look more like a BMW Efficient Dynamic than Audi.

But overall I still like BMW more than Audi maybe in the future when they release more details about the car and upgrade it would maybe change my mind for now it is BMW! Rocks

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