Friday, May 28, 2010

Someone Trying To Poop In the Open!

Want to learn how to poop in public! Just follow the simple step below and you are on your way. It is an experience that you will not forget even in your sleep or in your dreams

Step 1


According to source it is a she! She was like looking left and right and trying to pull her pants down! She look so excited

Step 2


Her pants is down! And enjoying the breeze to the butt and to the poop too!

Step 3


Aaaaahhhh! Time to bent down and release some chocolate poop out! To let the people experience the breeze of poop!

Step 4


Poop Position have been accomplished!

Next Step FAIL!


But Mission Fail before the poop coming out the police have caught me.

Nowadays keep seeing with video and picture people pooping or peeing in public. Maybe the toilet to go in once cost a lot and doing it public would cost a lot cheaper. For example you go to KLCC you want to use their upper or higher class toilet not located at ground floor the toilet one time you go in it cost about RM5.00 i think freaking expensive.

I better pee on the waterfall is better can regenerate more water. haha

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