Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Prank Jelly Keyboard and Mouse!

Something Extraordinary

First buy jelo powder!


Make a box that can fit a keyboard


Put all the jelo powder in the box


Pour some water


Until it is almost full


Put some wood or string so that you can pull it up than the keyboard at below. It will look nice if it is on the centre


Throw it in!


Let it dry a while


Make sure not fully dry like halfway through and pull it up! Than let it cool


^_^ Mouse not the real mouse the computer mouse


Almost Finish!


Don’t it look nice the transparent keyboard


There it is nice the keyboard and the mouse is shock proof can absorb earthquake and so on.

Back to reality i think the person that found it out will surely get bizarre later even worst if it is expensive keyboard like gaming set or something. haha Jelo Keyboard you should try it out or prank someone. It will be a new experience trying to use jelo coated keyboard.

2 Lovely Comment:

Anonymous said...

that looks cool.. lol.. Jelo coated keyboard.. yeah if expensive set then I don't think anyone will want to do that LOL..

Jimmy T said...

Shirleen@ Ya haha!