Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Money to buy Sex Toy? You can make your OWN

Now it is your opportunity to learn and experience it. If you worry to charge on your credit card and worry your parents saw it buying sex toy or scared your girlfriend know or something that she can pleasure you. Now you can you just need:

1) Scissors

2) Span

3) tape<<< not CD tape sticking stuff tape

4) 1.5 liter bottle

5) Don't know what it call the transparent and you click will have clicking sound!

Don’t you think it is a good sex cheap toy? Only it is made of plastic! Muhahahahaha Want to say more but scared people get offended but it is still a cheap solution. Don’t worry nobody will know. If someone ask you why buy Coke say i want to drink,scissors take from your own room, Span i want to clean the toilet very dirty and the white funny thingy just take from any tin food you can find.


sex_toy_01 sex_toy_02 sex_toy_03 sex_toy_04 sex_toy_05 sex_toy_06 

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6 Lovely Comment:

SonnyKazu said...

omg! save earth! lol! :D

MichLeong said...

You're damn omg la. hAHA..used it yet? ==""

Jimmy T said...

Sonny@ Hahhaa

MichLeong@ No lah i am not that desperate if i want i will *tut* *tut*

mizarwen said...

bubble wrap my dear...oh, u did try it..lols

Jimmy T said...

mizarwen@ ooo thanks for the tip! I am not that desperate ok! If i want really to do it i go find a hooker or something.

Lol joking i am not that super go find girls to do that! haha =]

mizarwen said...

LOLs... xp