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DiGi iPhone 4 Play



I have never own APPLE product before in my life and surely about application like the Cuckoo Cuckoo person! Bare with me i will surely will not disappoint you. I would tell you which application that i would like to put into my phone if someone donate to me or I WIN it! Will tell you the application from A to Z!!!!!!!!

Will Divide it into about 22 part! Than it will have Free and Paid Application. Will make it short and simple so that you will not fall asleep seeing it or reading it. Below will be all the application that i like that you need to pay:

  • Books

Pocket Cocktails


As you can see you can choose what type of cocktail you want! Now is one in a life time to show your skill to your girlfriend to make her some cocktail that she will droll for more and more. They have variety of choices from A to Z you just name it and in their application surely have in it.


They will give you a description what is contain,style,taste,color,brew and many more, Importantly how would you want to make it. They also have a picture attach to it so that your end result would look the same as the picture if not than you are doing it wrong. It will surely taste weird too! Haha


After knowing how to do it! You can open cocktail shop and make big bucks out of it! It cost only $0.99 if exchange it into Malaysia it will cost about 3 to 4 bucks and it is really worth it.



  • Business

Task Data


This application is useful if you are a busy businessman because you need to update or keep your schedule in tag so that do not miss any important meeting. Not only that it can work wireless that you can sync with everything including with your cat or dog at home.


So now you would not have to worry to miss any meeting with girls,business whatsoever. Because this application will help you no matter where you are.It work with Microsoft Outlook so don’t worry you will be in time for everything.


  • Education



I love this application the most because i love to read Quote stuff it is because it have their own meaning and write it differently without telling people directly what it is.  Damn other than that you can make your own Quote.

Let me make my own Quote:

No matter how many times you fall! It is just a fall


Back to the topic this application have about 10,000 quotes from many author that after reading you will come out tears. If you like any of the Quotes you can just email to people you want to sent too. Nice right?


  • Entertainment

Love Tester


If you are a shy person to tell someone that you love them. Don’t worry Love tester will help your shyness! This application will count your compatible with someone you really really love them or hate them on the same time. 


Than a touch on the screen it will tell you the percentage the person that you interested or hate!!!



  • Finance

Shared Expenses


This application rocks it is because you can split bill who pay how much. Than other than that you can state event or comment who owes you money and state it how much it is and who it is. Other than that it can count your expenses that you have spent for that period of time. Really Really useful application to know where your money goes.


This application is really useful for daily life and routine!!!!!



  • Games

Let’s Golf


It is time for golf! It is in 3D too! It have many hole that you can play about 60 hole and have about 4 type of chocies of golfer and 4 time of location that you can play your virtual golf. It will be surely a new type of experience to play golf with touch screen.

Capture2 Capture3

Yeeaaa! You WIN

  • Health & Fitness



This application is the best for girl because girl like to keep fit eat a lot lot of vegetables and diet this and that. This application can track of your weight in points and other than that you can see your progress from the day you use it until you want to see it.


So now you can track how much you eat and it is good or not for your body. If you know it is bad than you should stop because it will collect points out of it and tell you the total it is light,moderate,heavy meal you are having.



  • Lifestyle



This application is good that it will help you track important dates or event like Christmas and so on and giving you countdown. Other than that it will tell you when is the next holidays. Surely you all work for very hard that you want to know the next closes holiday to go out with your family or girlfriend or rest at home and have a good nice sleep all day long.


I also want to know my next holiday!!! SO that can have quality time with someone that……………………………………………



  • Music

Wunder Radio


This device is really useful you can hear any radio station that stream online no matter where you are even in the manhole that you have a signal than everything is possible like DIGI. Other than that if you at somewhere else if you interested to hear their local radio station.


So you will not to have to worry that you couldn’t hear any song. There is million of way to hear song and this is one of it. All the yoyoyoyyo all day long no matter where you are.



  • Navigation

Guide Me


This will help your friend to locate you if you want to let them know where you are if they don’t know where is the direction or bad in giving direction or tell people where is your lost known location.


I think it work with Google Map and show you the direction where are you really located. Even some rob you just a touch on the screen will sent the message to the person and they can find you easily even the POLICE! Haha



  • News



You can read any type of newspaper even the local newspaper that you normally read about scandal and so on. This application Win Win situation because if you hate reading than you just read the Big work on top and you will more or less what is the news all about.


Than if you want to read the news than just Zoom in as easy as A,B,C!!!

  • Photography



This application is quite interesting and fun in the sometime. Example you taken a picture than after that you can shake as you like the more you hard i mean faster it will be more blur if you shake slow and easy than it will less blur. Just like the song in “Madagascar Move Move Shake Shake”


  • Reference

Advanced English Dictionary


Who don’t need dictionary nowadays?  Nowadays nobody bring big thick dictionary anybody it can fit into our mini phone now and searching is easy too! It contain Advanced Dictionary not the kucing kurap Dictionary that you can find free online. The explanation is short and simple and understandable.


Than you can bookmark the word you like to keep in your bookmark.

  • Travel



It is useful if you travel a lot and this is a type of money converter to know a currency of the country and other than that it tell exactly how much it is and even the exact date. It is a simple converter but it is convenient to use it.


Simple and Easy to Use!!

Now let me list the free application that is useful to us!!

* Social Networking

1-facebook-1-300-10011-twitter-320-100  7-skype-1-300-100

This is the 3 application that is really useful for us in our daily life. Especially Facebook and Twitter is second and Skype somewhere around!Haha

People like to say Makan Bola,Tengok Bola,Main BOla but now it is Facebook!!!!!! No facebook is mean no LIFE


* RunKeeper


It is application that track your jogging rate,route,calories burn just like the one that you can find Nike watch that i forget what is the exact name already of the device.


* Stanza


It is application that allowed you to read electronic books online for free and do not need to carry thick books around just to read a story books. Now everything is small and easy with this program.


* Movies


This application allowed you to know about the latest movie that is releasing and on the same time to view trailer and rating of the show.


* Comics


Now you can read comic for free just download it down and read like there is no tomorrow. You can zoom it or zoom out and read page by page just like normal comic you read in PC but the different it is in Iphone ^_^


* Around Me


It is a type of GPS to know or to find a location that you are interested! It is using Google Maps to move around was hopping to search Tanjung Rambutan but my luck run out couldn’t find it. Nowadays where you are you can search by GPS even you lost your way to somewhere that you don’t even see before of your life.


* Dictionary.Com


This dictionary is better than the one that you need to pay. It have better dictionary and other than that have voice that help you pronounce the word. It have more than 90 Million words for you and it can be use offline too.


* Google Earth


Now you can see everything in real! With Google Earth Application you can see how the actual place look like!!!! Without even go the actual place! you don’t even need to see virtual map only now you can see how the shop or places look like in the palm of your hand.

ThAT ALL for my application that i like and WHY!!!!

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