Tuesday, November 16, 2010

40 Years Old Caught Driving Influence of Alcohol with Barbie Toy Car!

* The funnies thing I have ever heard! Drunk while driving a Barbie Toy Car!Rolling on the floor laughing

Maybe he should try to hearing a phone while driving the Barbie Electric Toy Car!!!

Paul-Hutton Drive Barbie Toy Car8246_7Paul Hutton

The guy in the picture is Paul Hutton he is 40 years old and was caught while driving a nice pink color Barbie Toy car because have been drinking too much of alcohol(beer).  At least the police are doing their work to catch people who are driving influence of alcohol with a Barbie Toy Car than never do anything whatsoever! Smile with tongue out

Actually the police call Paul to pull over but he ignore it and the police are trying to catch up with the Toy Car that top speed at 4mph! Just imagine how fast it is and how easy for him to be caught. Than Paul try to be smart and try to speed away with police with that speed maybe you can race with an ants.


Actually Paul wanted to show his neighbor the Pink Barbie Toy Car with him driving with it that are just living 0.457 KM away! OMG caring out loud just walk I think he can reach faster than driving his 12V battery car it will take until sunrise to rise by then.

This guy was charged under “Under the influence of Alcohol”!! Not only that he was sentenced 3 years on probation for his driving and Barbie toy car can’t even be faster than a scooter but no matter what the police do what they have to do. It say that it is a very serious violation of the traffic regulation in the UK. It is obvious police will stop him because not only the size of the car don’t fit him even the color. Just imagine that the car can’t even be faster than 4 miles per hour and I think even walking is faster than the toy car. The purpose Paul driving it is because to test his son car project to give a test drive of the car.


(For Paris Hilton to drive a pink toy car it is ok)

Than the police pull him over the small little pink Barbie Toy Car the police and Paul both argue it is not a driving violation it is because it is not a car but it is a toy. Whatever he argue the police will take action against him under the control of a vehicle while intoxicated. He also say that he can’t believe driving a toy car is against the law with alcohol.  Paul even say that he only drank a few bottle of beer but the police tested he drank twice the alcohol level that is permitted.

Than Paul was in court to face against the law and he say that he driving influence of alcohol while driving a Barbie Toy Car and the court withdrawal that will face charges for 3 years and need to pay 85 pounds. Than the court come to their senses that driving a toy car don’t make any sense but they don’t want to look silly and take consideration to put him 1 year probationary period of driving anything wrong he do against the rules of driving he will be back to court to face something worse again.


This is the most weirdest news I have ever heard in my life maybe in the future riding a bicycle is a violation too! So be really carefulNerd smile But said to say that he is divorce but have 3 son I think! Maybe he is trying to make his son happy but for the police it is not a happy thing to do. So now you know don’t drink and drive if you want to drink ride anything better stay at home and get drunk or get laid it is better and more safe.

In Malaysia without even influence of alcohol they are driving like mad in the highway turning left and right like nobody business and they think they are the king of the road. Even it is not their road they make like theirs. Nowadays if you want to drive a car you need to think like this bang first than only talk not be careful than it is safe. If you think like that than you will be stuck at one corner and you will not have a chance to come out.

Have you encounter any? If you don’t mind to share!!!


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