Monday, November 1, 2010

This is How “RED LIGHT DISTRICT” Look Like!!!

Have you heard of RED LIGHT DISTRICT? If not you are living in a nutshell or in a grave yard possibility!



This is how it look like on the street! Look pinkish and it is a guy dream to be in this street because it is a paradise because having SEX with a hooker is legal here i mean Amsterdam not sure for other country but i heard a lot of Amsterdam than other country. Other than that taking drugs is even legal so you can take it like there is no tomorrow.

You can say i am pervert or anything but i am curious about “RED LIGHT DISTRICT” because i have never went there before in my life so any of you are going there do remember to invite me to go there. Do you know that you are not allowed to take picture of the hooker that is standing in the class you can be beaten up by the gangster that operate there. You can be mock (not sure right spelling or not but who cares) if you walking alone at the street.

I know you want to see more pictures of it. Too bad you just need to wait a bit longer for it ^^ Other than that don’t put your hope so high (Sound weird right? If you know what i mean) of naked girl running around and so on sorry my blog is not promoting that too bad!!! Look elsewhere!!!!


See i told ya! They don’t like you to take picture of them if you want their service just pay them if not just get the F off before the gang members operate chase you into the sea.


DOes this sign ring any bell? I not sure it is a real sign or people created but who cares according to source say that the sign is a hooker sign on the road!!! I wish that i have one in front of my house because it make my house look unique and different among other houses.


Do you wish that you can find a girlfriend look alike celebrity? I know you want too i even heard before people are looking for a hooker that look like their celebrity for example (FEMALE) Jessica Alba,Jennifer Love Hewitt, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson (MALE) Justin Timberlake, Josh Duhamel and so on.

I can say a lot more but it is about time for me to sleep so i better finish this post ASAP before i fall asleep at my keyboard. STAY TUNE ANYWAY!!!

 Red Light District Red Light District

According to source say that 10 guy go to Amsterdam about 9 of them will surely go to red light district because if guys don’t do so than they will not be call guy and can call them instead a BUNNY. So if you are so interested of knowing how much it is i will reveal it. It cost about 50 Euro so it is about 50 and it cost about RM200+++  50 EURO is the average so it can fluctuate up and down depend how is your negotiate skill and place.

Do you think it is worth it or not but i think you better take care your GF and wife will be better than investing something that not good for your future. Better invest on your girlfriend because it is for long term purpose!!!

Red Light District  Red Light District

Have you watched the movie call Deuce Bigelow? The word RED LIGHT DISTRICT remind me of the movie it is damn hilarious and on the same time quite informative about the world around us. If you haven’t watched the movie i think you better watched it because is worth of your time for guys i think they will love it for girls i not really sure you need to experiment on them first.

Have heard of this if you restrict or prevent people on something the more they want that if you just let them free and without restrict they will know how to control and do so. Just giving an example don’t relate me to pervert whatsoever, anyway even you block the porn site whatsoever they will know how to go through it no matter what. It is as easy as ABC!!!

Red Light District Red Light District    

So after reading this does this make you want to visit RED LIGHT DISTRICT as your first destination after your study?


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Albert said...

Would rather to go somewhere not red light. Those things made me puke really

Chester Khuan said...

Go Singapore Geylang la, also red light district ma. Nearer sum more. Got international standard aso. haha