Friday, November 12, 2010

Have Chance to Married at McDonald with McWedding

Have you ever fantasize or dream or even want to married somewhere weird than you are lucky that McDonald will be offering people to get married at their specific outlet that will cost very cheap to get married. Don’t worry it will not be long until it arrive because they announce that they will be having it starting at the year of 2011 so marrying will not cost a bomb anymore and you can married where people can get fat and all the delicious food that is always our own priority. Remember Lunch time RM5.95!!!


There will be having 3 branch located at Hong Kong to have a trial to see if this McWedding will work or not. If it really works do not know it will come to Malaysia or not so just pray and put your hope high that it will happen. Like a normal wedding that you surely can choose what package you like for example

Set A = McChicken

Set B = BigMac

Set C = McMummy

McWeddings Couple

The package will cost about HK$1000 so it will be around RM400 it is so freaking cheap with the fries, burger and so on will be worth it. Compare with other wedding like Chinese wedding it will cost until thousand thousand just to organize a simple wedding.

Don’t worry it will not only come with food but will come with decoration,gifts,menu and the wedding cake will be make from apple pie(YUMMY) and now you don’t need to throw reach other with cake but you can throw each other with burger or fries on their head.

The purpose of McWedding is to give people something different and experience. For this wedding there will be no privacy whatsoever it is because customer that enter can watch the ceremony or wedding as they like. Don’t worry if you get married in McDonald you will get a lot of toys to play with at your honeymoon. But the sad thing is that they don’t supply alcohol it have put the fun away with alcohol it is like married in a jail or something like that. But don’t worry you can toast with milkshakes or even soft drinks don’t you think it is special or different.

It first started because people in Hong Kong have sent a memo and wanted to married in McDonald and they will surely get about 10 request per month and because of that McDonald granted their wish. So I think it should enter into the Guinness Book of Records because it is the first time a chain restaurant first wedding party package whatever it means.


Love this words:

Meet at McDonald + Date McDonald + Married in McDonald = HAPPY COUPLE ^^


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