Thursday, November 25, 2010

WORLD WAR III : Between North Korea and South Korea(United States)

First thing come to my mind hearing war between North Korea and South Korea would be Red Alert 3 WARRR! Back to reality when United States play their part in the war it is will be something serious or big going to happen. Possibility that WORLD WAR III going to happen anytime soon if thing are not handle carefully. Still remember in World War II when Japanese attack Untied States Pearl Harbor and see what happen to Japan Hiroshima than.

I think North Korea will have the same faith if they don’t go in PEACE! Because life is not all about war we can talk over it than using violence to settle it just imagine how many innocent life would get hurt. Just imagine all the celebrity of K-Pop, Drama is been bomb and the whole world will in RAGE of that.


The worst is yet to come if South Korea + United States start to counter attack back thing would get nastier and nastier every second of it and North Korea would not want to back off than fierce attack would start to happen sooner or later. Let me talk more what is the situation now than go around the bushes talking bullshit.

The story is like this:

It say that North Korea fired their artillery shells without any warning whatsoever and they was attacked on Tuesday 23 November 2010 it is not the first time they are doing it. They attacked an island call “Yeonpyong island” and they attacked the island that have never done anything to them and there is many civilian there but lucky only kill 2 soldiers. After the attack by North Korea and South Korea quick action attack back North Korea and on the same time sending a fighter jet to see what happening in that area.

When the incident happen South Korea was conducting their usual routine to military drill but the purpose of that is not to fire at the North Korea and the United States have about 28,000 army in South Korea say that the attack is not necessary whatsoever and also say that they are not sure when will they second attack would arrive.


As you can see the pictures it is still burning from houses to even mountain and a lot of people are evacuating. It believe that there is about 200 shells that was hit at Yeonpyeong shot by North Korean. It say that even United States want to join force with South Korea to fight against North Korea they are overpower because United States army in South Korea is approximately about 28,000 and to fight against North Korea that estimate having about 1 million army it is more than 10 times than their army.

The war started is when South Korea accused that North Korea attacked their navy sells by torpedoing it by killing 46 sailor!!! The North Korea say that they attacked South Korea because they have given warning to stop shooting but South Korea fired about dozen of shell approximately about 1 p.m

South Korea say that they have fired for military drills purpose but they fired to the west and not at the north. So possibility both of them having misunderstanding because this happen. If this problem is not resolved anytime soon WORLD WAR III can happen anytime soon and with United States play a part of it thing will not go good!

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Just imagine all of them in South Korea and what will happen to them Disappointed smile


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