Saturday, November 13, 2010

Domino’s Pizza Anniversary is Paying RM94,232.15 for an hour!



It is not fake it is real because they are doing so it is because Domino’s Pizza is turning officially 25 and that is why they are giving you an hour to work at the shop and get pay 94,000 just imagine how much it is. With that money you can buy a new car like Myvi and with extra left. So make sure you don’t miss the opportunity one in a lifetime because they will only turn 25 once and maybe their next would take 25 years by than we don’t have the mood and ability to do it anymore.

Domino say that there are a bit surprise but it is obviously that a lot of people would want to get that job just working an hour you can get that much that is crazy. If you want you can register just make sure that you are 18 years old and above and also without any much education and experience working outside. If I am not wrong this offer is offer at Japan so it is too bad it is not in Malaysia if not I will be the first in the row. But they will only hire that person at December it is not too bad afterall because it is school holiday.


A lot of critic say that paying so much for work is CRAZY it is because that much of money can be use for something good like charity and so on. Maybe Domino is thinking is that to giving something back to the people because they will not have what they have today with the customer out there. So make sure don’t miss that wonderful opportunity it is just like a normal job with you need to fill form of application and after that will go through an interview.

I can say that the pay in Malaysia is quite low like you work part time your salary would be between RM4 to RM5 and if you are lucky you can get RM1000 it is like working the whole day you only get that much if you work full time most of the time. But sometimes that pay is not that important it is more about the experience and people around us that make are working experience different.


What is your type of Pizza?

I can say that I love Classified Chicken if for others it is like eating stone because the others is like just normal pizza that I can try at Pizza Hut too! Not only it is creamy but yummy on the same time. But I can say that I have try many times at Pizza Hut the experience is different compare with Domino it is more tasty and delicious but for Pizza Hut under one roof is like eating the flour and cheese that is my experience.


So I hoping that the next time I go there hope that it is different experience!! Do you want to change your experience with Domino Pizza? Look Below


Did you see the white white thingy?


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Philip Khor said...

i prefer dominos pizzas,but not the staff/ but i never think much about the pizza flavour.

Jimmy T said...

I prefer Domino too! Because domino the pizza have taste for Pizza Hut is like eating salt or bread only ^^