Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cutest Vietnamese MODEL EVER! She is only 12 YEARS OLD


You will be surprise how beautiful she look like! Surprise me the most would be she is so young! Not only that she is Vietnamese you still remember the big boobs babe is a Vietnamese too forget her name that she raise to fame because of that. No offense to girls nowadays even how stupid or dumb they are if they are beautiful and hot she can be so rich to build her own EMPIRE!

We can’t deny the fact it is like that!


OPPPS! Just found out her name it is “Elly Tran Ha” Gorgeous right? I think long ago i got post about her! If you are interested please call 1300-88-2525( Opps wrong number it is McDonald phone number i think or maybe PIZZA HUT or DOMINO)


Here she is! One and only “Le Hoang Bao Tran” Remember to keep looking it will get better and better!

Le Hoang Bao Tran Le Hoang Bao Tran  Le Hoang Bao Tran Le Hoang Bao Tran      

She is so young and talented she don’t look like 12 years old whatsoever and she look so mature like in her 18 teens but too bad i am already not a teen already an OLD MAN! She is quite tall too she is about 172 cm. With this body and face she can go as far as to the space and with the natural look she will be famous sooner or later.

She was also been the youngest to be active in a catwalk!!!!!

Le Hoang Bao Tran Le Hoang Bao Tran Le Hoang Bao Tran Le Hoang Bao Tran

She is working under PL Model and the company is own by Ta Nguyen Phuc Thanh Long and the director of the company. Vietnamese name is quite hard to remember with uneven verb! She raise to fame also it is because of a competition that she join at “Teen model Contest at 2009" that she win in flying colors.

She WON GOLD MANNNN! Than after the contest surely she start to appear in the newspaper,magazine and WEBSITE mainly Vietnamese site not yet as hot as Elly Tran Ha not saying beauty i mean FAME!

Le Hoang Bao TranLe Hoang Bao Tran

For this young age she have the look and everything! She participated a catwalk people say that she is “CONFIDENCE” n “PROFESSIONALISM” i think they trying to mean that she look confidence and on the same time look professional what she is doing. With that confident she don’t look more mature than her real age.

Compare between all the picture i like the last 2 pictures look cute and NICE picture of her!!! Anyone interested to find a Vietnamese girlfriend now? lol


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Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

wahhhhhhhhh!!!! i want i want!!!!! cute meh.. seriously

12 years ar?

PutraRocker said...

so BIG! o_O

Jimmy T said...

Mizi@ Ya i was surprise too my mouth was like =0

Putra@ That one differnet girl quite long ago already

John Ho said...

She is 23 years old laaaaa

Jimmy T said...

Ya Elly Tran Ha is 23 years old i was actually saying the 12 year old is the another girl