Monday, November 29, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina



 Red heartTHAT IS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOURed heartSO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Imported from Japan, these hugable speaker bears are a growing trend in Japan & US.
Listen to your music in stylish and cute bears that sits comfortably on your desk or on your bed! A wonderful addition to your desktop accessories!
Medium size does not require battery to operate. Just plug it into your computer/mp3 players or iPhone and you are set to rock! You can let your bear literally hug your music too!


*CUTE*It would be so romantic would get this both the brown one is for her and the pink color for me just imagine the bear is me when she MISS ME!!!

I would love to get this DJ-Bear in Chocolate for someone special that I have been admiring for quite long. Christmas is just around the corner giving something for your love one would be good enough to touch their heart! Hope it is the first step to  her heart if you know what I mean. Not only the bear look cute but it is a speaker!!! First thing come to my mind would be this DJ Bear+ IPOD = Sound <<<< Will be perfect PRESENT it is like a dream come true.

Even it don’t cost that much but importantly it come from the heart that is meaning of CHRISTMAS it is not how expensive is the gift it is more about giving something from your heart. Even saying I LOVE YOU will be a good CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!


Do not know why lately I have the Christmas spirit maybe it is a sign that I should enjoy or celebrate with our love one doesn’t matter even it is for a while but importantly we share our time together.

Actually it is  huggable speakers bears that is quite hot product in the Japan and in the United States. First thing come to my mind would be how cute is the bear with sound coming out from the bear legs.So adorable I think this would be a good present for Christmas than giving people soap or perfume. It is something that can last for a period of time and people can remember about it too. Christmas is about be with your love one like your family and so on without it will not be the same.

So make PLAN before it is too late!!!!!!!!!!


One more thing that I love to have would be Malaysia snow on Christmas Day that would be the best gift ever! Have never experience snow before only experience fake snow make from soap. But the best would be experience the real snow and it would be fun throwing snowball here and there. Maybe tonight I can sleep and fantasize or dream of me playing snow or maybe eating snow too!!!

SANTA CLAUS is COMING TO TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEAR YOU!YouRed heart Better watch out!!! Red heart He will know you are awake or even you are BAADDD little GIRL Open-mouthed smile

See PENGUIN even celebrating CHRISTMAS

Penguins Wearing Santa Claus Costume Attract WeijSbwTCnXl

So cute and ADORABLE!!!

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