Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I Love Pizza Hut’s 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza! TOTALLY AWESOME

The first thing  when I hear Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6, first thing come to my mind would be cheeserland or also know as Ringo ^^


She is soooooo cheesy too ^^


Enjoy the Cheesey VIDEO ^^

As you can see on the picture it is cheese irresistible it come with 6 type of cheese it is totally cheese irresistible.The 6 type of cheese would be parmesan, mozzarella, romano, cheddar, provolone and Monterey Jack it have a weird name but it taste so nice that you can’t get enough of it. You don’t believe how cheesy it is right? After seeing it you will love it no matter what especially if you are cheese lover.


A New Slogan for Cheese lover out there:

Sleep Cheese, Eat Cheese, Kick Cheese, TOTALLY IRESSITIBLE ^^



Will tell you why the power of cheese is so strong that you have a chance to win an IPAD by just eating cheese!!! Which want you want RM100,000 or IPAD I think I will want to win RM100,000 just imagine how many IPAD that I can buy by then and even buy a car or even buy a girl heart if this is possible or even treat someone that I have miss for so long.


Let me make a story out of it if you don’t mind ^^

When we arrive to Pizza Hut first thing come to my mind would be the freaking line or queue is quite long. I think I know why maybe it is because they want to try out themselves how good is the Extreme 6 Cheese. I think they will surely been blown away how good it is. While waiting for our turn we just snapping picture here and there and we order the second set with a jug of revive,4 soup,garlic bread and Large EXTREME  CHEESY 6


While we are waiting it is my first time seeing that floor plan of the restaurant telling how long the customer have dine in. Most of them will sit there for about 1 hours+++ before they leave the table.


Nowadays have this funny looking button thingy to call for service! For that day we get number 33! Nice number anyway but experience at Pizza Hut MidValley was different and special because it is the first time enter to that outlet and it is damn pack that what make it special than going to restaurant that you hardly see anybody.


The first thing arrive would be the drinks! We drink Revive without Ice first time drinking soft drinks or energy drinks without ice and normally drink when it is cold than warm. Revive is to help gulp down the cheese more easily!!! With all that cheese you need something to push it down with REVIVE ^^ I prefer sirap haha



1 is not enough!!!



The first meal arrive would be the soup it taste so nice like always with garlic bread make it even perfect ^^ You can see that I have 2 soup instead of one because having one is not enough you need to have at least 2 of everything especially the Extreme Cheese 6! I remember that they have 2 type of garlic bread but this one as you can see in the picture taste better than the other one.

After for so long have not been to Pizza Hut since I remember the lunch set RM7.25!!!


This is how it look like after finishing my 2 bowl of soup ^^



Not only it is all about cheese even the staff apron is made from cheese jut joking it is a cheese apron it is not for anything whatsoever haha! It is a bit weird to ask a staff that I want to take the picture of the apron one of the foreigner staff we ask wanted to take picture of the apron he don’t understand what we wanted and give us a funny looking look like

WTF with this person taking picture of the apron and I think the toilet bowl look nicer to take picture” 

But I don’t mind for the sake of cheese I don’t mind to do anything whatsoever even put cheese on my head but jumping down a building for the sake of cheese will be my exception.


Let look at the main PRIZE! THE PIZZZAAAAAAAA


First thing come to my mind when the pizza arrive would be “AWESOME” but it is not awesome enough to find out just look a bit lower

It look a bit dull right? Just wait and see!!!!



Pulling it up make a big different! ^^ See open your eye wider how cheesy it is


But after eating eating about 2 or 3 slices I feel that it is not enough cheese on it and ask more cheese from the staff ^^ YUMMY CHEESE




See does it look more cheesy? It look like Extreme Cheese 6 with Snow of Cheese ^^ YUMM YUMM I wish that they have more type of cheese like 10 type or something than it will surely melt in my stomach like a charm ^^


Does it look like a STAR?




The pizza finish so fast like a snap of a finger!!! When the pizza arrive there is cheese on the plate but I can say that I lick until it is shinning clean!!! After eating the cheese it make me think back on one of my trip that I have eaten a Pizza call Pizza Margarita it is all cheese and the portion is freaking big like 2 pieces of Pizza Hut for them it is one.


This is how I will look live if I don’t have cheese!!!


That is how my expression if I have cheese! Just look the size of a slide of pizza! But I can say that the cheese melt in my mouth! Damn nice and tempting on the same time. Pizza without cheese it will not be call cheese and maybe it will be called Gardenia bread than a PIZZA! The Pizza Margarita in the picture is all cheese no meat whatsoever that is why it taste so nice.

NICE NICE! TASTY TASTY but I can say that compare with Pizza Hut Extreme Cheese 6 taste nicer and suit my taste maybe it is because Pizza Hut in Malaysia trying to suit Malaysian taste and they did it well ^^

I’m crazy about “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”

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TikkoSS said...

wow.. use cheeserland to promote your post..? good one.. make sure she did not sue u for copywriting? :P

when talk about cheese.. think about Tikus :P

Jimmy T said...

Cheeserland give me the inspiration to blog about Extreme Cheese ^^

Everytime i think about Tikus first thing i come to my mind is rat ^^

theeggyolks said...

haha! i enjoyed your post! good luck :D

hazman aka species1980 said...

The pizza magarita looks so delicious tooo....

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

excellent post! all the best!

Jimmy T said...

Teh Tarik Drinker@ Thanks Thanks ^^ Good luck to you too