Sunday, November 28, 2010

Which Phone Will Grill First? IPHONE 4 Vs Android GS vs Windows Phone 7

Here is the 3 phone that they will be using to do the grilling hope you like the smell of grilling!!!! Even grilling is bad for health because can cause cancer but at least it taste yummy no matter what. Let imagine how a phone will taste like or look like after grilling!!!!



Here how it will look like in the video how the grilling would start! I can say that IPHONE 4 is one top of the list of people that would buy but doesn’t mean a phone that is on top will be the best there is still other big competitor that deserve better.



Yummy Phone ^^

This is how you grill your phone to see which phone can withstand heat the most! Most of the time phone will overheat themselves and automatic off  but now you want to make sure that it until explode and which phone is the BEST to withstand heat it is obviously not IPHONE 4!!!

ENJOY THE GRILLING I think this is just an advertisement gimmick just to let you know Open-mouthed smile


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