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The Sexiest 30 Years Old Female Teacher in CHINA!

* I just wish that she was teaching me now! Just imagine I will pay attention on her class from start to finish and will not fall asleep no matter what and will ask her so much question until she is flatter at me. Will surely can’t wait for her next class and looking forward to ask her question related to my assignment and slowly slowly try to invite her out for dinner. *IT IS JUST AN IMAGINATION* 

Her name is Zhu Songhua *CUTE*

I know I know you want to know more juicy news about her right? You just wish that she is teaching you now but too bad you are too old to be teaching you because she is teaching only Elementary school for now. She is too hot to be working as a school teacher she should be working as a model she have the look and body to do so what a waste.

Let talk more about her! She graduated at Nantong Normal University Zhu whatever University college but it don’t look normal Smile with tongue outShe is working at Primary School that is attached to Jiangsu Nantong as a language teacher until today. Even people view her pictures online that she is open minded and you can see all the clothes that she wear are all so fashionable.

Sexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu Songhua

She become famous because of the internet and most of their student do not know anything like how hot is the teacher because they are still young and do not that sex drive yet. If it is in secondary school or college she will be a hit in that school and will win so many award. After becoming famous online many of the parents do not care much about her reputation or popularity because for her to wear sexy clothes and so on it is normal for girls.

But importantly among all would be how good is her teaching ability and having a beautiful teacher teaching would make the environment in the classroom more peaceful and relaxed on the same time. I agree if she is teaching in high school or college that I am learning it would be PERFECT! Many of her colleague say that she really love to teach and are good in it, for me even she is dumb good people will support her because looks make a different.

Sexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu Songhua

But when she is in school or teaching she do not makeup like a CHINESE OPERA like in the picture but only simple makeup when she normally she is teaching. She is quite popular among her student that one I totally agree even I am sitting at home it will be a hit for me too. To make thing more promising she even have won first place for “YOUNG TEACHER TEACHING COMPETITION” because she have recently represent the school for one of the teaching competition. On the same time she even won second prize for Nantong City Chongchuan District chalk writing competition.

They say that she have outstanding teaching ability??????

I think it is not important she WON first place or last place because in everybody heart she is still number one I think she is number one to me too. With her rate of popularity many of the top magazine and photographer want to hire her. She have been named as the most beautiful teacher because been recorded in “HAPPY NIGHT” that is why people are calling her as the China sexiest female teacher EVER <<< Ever is I add in it Nyah-Nyah

Sexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu Songhua

Have not heard what is “HAPPY NIGHT” ? It is Jiangsu Satelite Television program that specially on that day talk about “MY TEACHER IS SPECIAL” On the show many of the people can’t keep their little brother under their pants quiet because even the special guest that are sitting there keep shouting that she is good looking and adding icing on the cake even the host of the show unable to hide his shyness of how hot she is. I can say that she wear sexily and following the trend or fashion to date.

During the show she even said that during her teaching in that school all the student is good not even a single rotten red but the rotten part would be all the teachers in the school.

Sexy Teacher Zhu Songhua

First thing come to my mind would be that all the student pay attention during her class are really concentrating on what she is teaching or they are looking on that special part or a fly is flying around. Even her colleague can’t handle her hotness how about the student that is learning they will be surely curious what is that. I bet you all will be the first person to chase her! RIGTHT?

Let me Introduce her(Yuhua):

Name: Zhu Songhua(朱松花)

Hometown: Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Work : Teacher

Height: 168 cm Tall

Weight : 50 KG

Measurement: 34 26 34

Birthday : 31 January

Sexy Teacher Zhu SonghuaSexy Teacher Zhu Songhua

See her MODELING Nyah-Nyah


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