Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nowadays Kids are DAMN DIRTY MINDED!

If you don’t know what i mean just see all the comment you will be like WTF this kid mouth is more poisonous than a snake. Maybe expose too much porn that is why internet have make our life a lot easier i tell you really easier.

Just a click from your hand you can go to a porn site even other stuff not only porn!

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Than finally he found what he wan to see is “TITS” that he can’t stop using!!! From nigga to KFC you will know what to expect sooner or later with that creepy face and smile of him.


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Anonymous said...

What is that KFC means ???

PutraRocker said...


Anonymous said...

KFC is something that people in US to stereotype black people. It's like they say KFC is the only place the black people eat.

Anonymous said...

The girl in the 3rd last picture is hot!