Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Before i say why! I have watched this movie trailer most of the time when i watching other movie and this movie is freaking hilarious it is a MUST watch movie that you all shouldn’t miss no matter how busy you are.


if you had 70 feet of magical golden hair?

I would say that if i have 70 feet of this golden hair i would use for many thing like hopping to one tree and an another. Possibility i would fight crime with it maybe to safe someone with it and even using it to fly around like a helicopter if it is possible.


First Hoping Tree


As you know the hair is freaking long and it is a good thing for you to be like a Tarzan hoping to one tree to an another in style. Because the hair is strong and solid it can withstand my weight even how heavy am i. I can even climb to high places without to fly or worry i couldn’t climb because my 70 long feet of hair will help me no matter what. Even i can use that hair to climb down a hill if i already feel boring of sitting that places for too long. That is why it is important to take care of our hair to be strong and nice so that it will not be easily break.




Have you watched the trailer? If you have watched you will know what i am talking about. Why i say to fight crime it is because the hair is long it can swing one time and hit a person and straight away into COMA if you are not careful. It can even swing like a cowboy and catch a car if there is a high speed chase that her 70 feet of hair can reach quite far and on the same time it is safe side to catch than banging people car here and left that can risk the police and also other user.

Other than fighting crime it can even safe people with that 70 feet hair. For example people are been wash away by the sea or lake she can throw her hair into the water and the person can grab hold on it and try to pull the person because the hair is like a string so it will be quite good thing to use to safe people if there are stuck in the water whatsoever.



Ok! It is like this the hair can be turn like helicopter so slowly slowly can fly like a helicopter just keep spinning and spinning until it fly if it don’t fly just continue and eventually it will fly no matter how. So travelling around will be a lot easier without needing to go airport,money and so on. Not only it is easy but it is like a EXERCISE!

Hope this creation DON”T SOUND SO LAME!


I know this hair look like kiam chai(Salty Vegetables) don’t laugh ok? Was thinking what hairstyle i should do but my hair is too short to do any special style like snake or balloon type of hairstyle.  But too bad can say that it is the worst picture i have ever take in my life and also it can be categorized as “THE WORST PICTURE” DON”T YOU ALL AGREE?

Just laugh ok! I know I Know my expression is like 0_0

Here is the TRAILER! Hope you like it ^^

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yee said...

omg really look like kiam chai!

Anonymous said...

lol this kid is cute!

Jimmy T said...

Yee@ lolz

Anonymous@ Which kid haha