Saturday, November 20, 2010

Effective 15 December Malaysian Handphone Number Will be 11- DIGIT!


According to Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will be having a new handphone number effective at 15 December 2010. So you all should be ready to tell people your new handphone number and it will be something that is troublesome to tell people about your number and even worst people that is staying on other country. But lucky we have facebook so finding or giving people will not be that hard afterall.

Also the person behind the numbering planning department is Norizan Ghazali say that the new format would be change from 3+8 = it mean the  3 would be 012,011 and for the 8  would be your phone number. Than before was 3+7 = 012-1234567. I can say that I don’t like the new number because it is not even and some more it is freaking long. For all 3+8 user will be using similar number “011” for all service provider(digi, maxis,Umobile, Celcom).


But lucky I can say that whoever that is using 3+7 will not have to change their number whatsoever because the number will be co-exist after the roll out. The purpose of changing the the format or adding number to that because do not have sufficient number to be added and on the same time giving opportunity to the government for long term purpose.

It say that the number “011” can at least fit about 900 million new user. Other than that they also say that they will regulate first level digit and prefix which was no longer exclusive to any service providers. So if you interested to change a new number too bad your number will be limited to 011 only. So it means any service provider only have a choice of number than before you can change from 012 to 019 and so on. But maybe in the future they will open 012+ 8 DIGIT if the capacity is full already.


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