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I am not bullshitting!!  It is real no other phone have make this far you will be surprise how high tech is the phone but the camera is just 8 megapixel but the function of the phone is extraordinary.

Mozilla Seabird

It is call Mozilla Seabird! The purpose of this phone is build it is to know how people interact with their mobile content in the phone as the technology advances so fast that you don’t even notice it how we are left behind. This phone can be said like a desktop at your home but it is better because it can be carry anywhere no matter where you are.

Mozilla Seabird Projector Laser Keyboard

Let talk more about the phone:

First thing first that we can’t keep our eye from the phone would be the projector that they have built in the phone. It is like whatever you do in the phone it would be projected out that is absolutely amazing phone.  I think the first time i heard about projecting phone or camera would be Samsung but Mozilla is not left behind.

Ya it obviously come with QWERTY keyboard as you can see


As you can see the design of the phone is quite special compare to other phone like candy bar type design. According to mozilla lab say that the angle of the phone have aerodynamic( Like a Car) and have their own feminine forms. The phone is special design to curl because it is too fit our hand nicely and other purpose would be to give a cushion for the projector.

This phone don’t only look like next gen but the design is extraordinary compare to other phone out there. Still remember Nokia N900 is power by Mozilla browser technology maybe because of that give them a chance to be in the phone market to compete with other big guns like Apple,Nokia and so on.

Let me talk more about the spec of the phone!!!

Seabird Camera

It come with 8 megapixel camera! I think a 8 would be more than enough even a 5 megapixel can take something more than you wanted even scandalous video or pictures to be share online.

Mozilla Seabird Projector




Than it come with projector! With that we don’t need to have wires for projector or even to bring our laptop around just with a phone we can do anything i mean anything even going you make big business in the toilet you can see projected movie at the wall!!!It come with a dual projector

Bluetooth Mozilla Seabird

Wireless Bluetooth Mozilla Seabird

Not only that it come with a Bluetooth thingy that you can be removed and use it like a wireless handset and it come with Infrared tracking device at the phone! Love it or hate it ^^

Mozilla Seabird Charging

Other good thing about the phone would be having Wireless Charging no more tangling wires and annoying road at your pathway!!!

Keyboard Mouse Mozilla Seabird

The front space is design to project out for keyboard and mouse(not the rat) to be used! Correct me if i am wrong that they keyboard is a laser projected! AMAZING




If you want to watch the video you can watch here in 2D there is 3D too just search in youtube!!!


I was wondering when is the release date of this phone! Would it be at 2012 or even longer!!! This phone is still production so you need to wait a bit longer until the phone is official release i think this phone can beat IPHONE flat like a pancake if they release fast enough before APPLE release something extraordinary like they always do.

Possibility there will be a FLYING PHONE TOO!!! In the FUTURE



Who created this project?

Seabird was created by Billy May, a Mozilla Labs community member who in early 2009 created an initial vision of what an Open Web mobile phone could look like. Seabird is Billy’s followup project in which he incorporated the feedback he received from the wider community on his first throw-away concept.


How does this relate to Mozilla / Mozilla Labs?

Billy is a community member in the Mozilla Labs community and created Seabird in his spare time. Seabird is not a Mozilla or Mozilla Labs project but part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. The Concept Series provides a place for the wider community to create and collaborate on projects which push the boundaries of the Web and the browser.


Does Mozilla have plans to produce a mobile phone?

No. Mozilla produces Firefox for Mobile, the popular Firefox browser for mobile phone systems such as Nokia Maemo and Android.


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