Monday, November 8, 2010

Replacement of Paul Octopus have ARRIVED! PAUL OCTOPUS II



* Say hi to Paul the freaking insane Octopus ^^

Do you remember during the WORLD CUP 2010 did you hear about a Octopus that can predict who will win in the world cup. It is like this there is 2 box the octopus would climb into the box that have a flag of the country. You will be surpirse that the octopus predict the 8 matches not a single mistake I tell you. It have stunned many people with that prediction and you remember the match Germany Vs Argentina? That match he was given a death threat because they think Germany cannot win but at the end Germany win. That  created fame for this future prediction OCTOPUS even the professional football player can’t predict that good.

Paul the Octopus have been predicting since EURO 2008! That is very rare that a octopus can live more than 2 years and Paul the Octopus death is something that it would happen sooner or later. So sad to see him go but it is the time for him to go. Paul the Octopus actual age is 2.5 years and was born at England at 2008. But you have not worry anymore because replacement have arrived!

With the death of it there will be movies,book and so on to be sold or share how special is this octopus and even video of memorial of Paul the Octopus at the final moment and hope the next psychic octopus can do the same prediction as him ^^

Rumor have been circulating around that the death of Paul Octopus I have been death for month because the media just want to cover it up until there feel comfortable to announce the DEATH. It can be real or fake because soon there will be a movie title “Who Killed Paul the Octopus”



Do you think Paul Octopus II is as good as the first one? We will never know until the WORLD CUP 2014 or European Football Championships 20102

The Octopus is still young it is only 5 month old and it was PAUL OCTOPUS II it is because it have the same name as the first octopus and was quarantine in Sea Life Centre. So I am hoping that the new Octopus will be as good as the first one so that we will know the future score before we watch the game. I know a person even worst any team that person choose will surely lose it is like Paul the Octopus but opposite.

When we talk about football there is surely the fans! Because Football and Girl fans fit together so well that until some of the hot babes want to get naked if their time win the WORLD CUP!


Remember her? Paraguay Babe name LARISSA RIQUELME and I got posted about her long ago and she say she will run naked on the street if Paraguay won the WORLD CUP but at the end she do a photo-shoot naked so that make no different. Below is some hottest World Cup BABES of 2010


Just imagine WORLD CUP 2014 with a new Octopus and more hotter babe would want to go naked if their country WIN! So I just hoping that Malaysia can enter the WORLD CUP 2014 that would be impossible but I want to see them to try because do not know until when they can enter even North and South Korea are in too!



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