Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I Deserve To Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab!


That look SEXXXYYY! I am saying the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB!


Will tell you why I suppose to WIN  SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB! Before I say anything please do drop a comment even you hate it or love it about the post! Before I starting braging about it let me talk more about this sexy GADGET Hot smile


When I first saw this phone at Go Mobile EXPO at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre it is like love at the first sight but this is about gadget and after seeing how well it fit into my hand and the feel is unbelievable I can say that it is better than Apple Ipad about 10 times especially the size that make me love this gadget so much.

You can say that I manipulate it but it is not because I have never use this kind of device before so it will make me feel exciting and wan to share something that I am so excited about because it is the trend now nobody is using laptop anymore it is so yesterday!!!

Sam subng


It is so thin that it can even fit into my pocket if I wear a baggy pants don’t even need to bring a bag around everything is getting smaller but technologies is not getting smaller it is fitting into tiny devices with full of features that we can’t even use it all.





I can say that I love the screen size because it is only 7 inch it is small and easy to carry around if it is more than 9 or 10 inch just like Apple Ipad I think I better bring my mini laptop around because it don’t make a big different and just paying for that. But for Samsung Galaxy Tab is different because the size of the screen is just like Ebook Reader but it have that type of features in that too.

Even it look like a normal PC but it is actually it is! It have more or less the same thing as a normal laptop have but the good thing it is that you can bring everywhere easily and it is not bulky whatsoever. I have never use Apple Operating System buying it will make me feel different and take time to get normal with it. But with Samsung Galaxy Tab using Android Operating System so it can compete with the highest level with Mac.

So you don’t have to worry with this device you can multitask to anything to something and you will not need to close any browser while you are looking something important on the same time.


Phone and Video Calling:

I can say that it fit nicely because this device have capability to even call or video calling! I can say that Apple Ipad do not have that function in their Ipad only can use SKYPE with headphone only can do so but Samsung Galaxy Tab is different it have calling ability and we don’t need to bring our phone along anymore and we can use Samsung Galaxy Tab to do everything from internet,calling, watching video and anything you just name it will not disappoint you whatsoever.

I can say that by looking how fast computer change sooner or later big phone marker like Sony, Nokia and so on will be close down sooner or later because with phone having that ability who need phone anymore because everybody now want everything that is convenient and easy to bring along with carry so much thing. Just imagine last time phone only can call but now it can online,camera and almost everything you can imagine.




Another bonus it come with 3 megapixel with hit and even it pawn Ipad because they don’t even have a camera whatsoever but they will have in 2011 I think by that time Samsung will be releasing 10 megapixel I think. But with camera come with this device than we don’t need to even bring a camera with us just use this everything will be PERFECTO!!!

I have said many times is that we only need to bring this 7 inch devices everywhere and everything fitted inside and we don’t need to bring anything extra! With this kind of technologies it make our life so easy without to worry we forget this and that. Just bring this along everything will be safe and it just a bit bigger but with that capability it will be ok.




Have you heard of DLNA? I have never heard before in my life but I have found out that Digital Living Network Alliance(DLNA) is allowing us to use it for sharing or even access purpose that we can get from any wireless connectivity technologies that we can found. It is better to use something new than something old. DLNA will help to boost a network  a connection. I am trying to mean is that the signal of connectivity so that thing can be share easily through WIFI.


Web Browsing:


Come with Adobe Flash 10.1 you can surf everything from video,games so smooth that you will not want to surf the net with your laptop anymore. Now you don’t have to worry that you can’ t play flash,games and so on because from now on you can see everything from chicks to even some extend that something you have not seen before in your life.

For 7 inch it is big enough to see everything from facebook to even Video!!!! Surfing the net with a new experience what is better than that you can facebook all day long with to worry about bring your laptop around.



Global Position System(GPS):

Told ya it is everything you need from a device you don’t even need to buy a phone or GPS system to have everything. With this you can even travel to the sky with this device so you don’t have to worry that you could go lost even you are in a cave the GPS can help you to find your way out. It is a bit bigger with other devices but by combining with all that devices it is bigger than Samsung Galaxy Tab!

It don’t cost that much too the price is quite reasonable with all the features they have in the devices! Fret not you will not regret it because nowadays it is the trend for it to died off it will takes maybe 10 years or so.



Remember to drop a comment or two Smile with tongue out

Now I will say why I deserve to win it is because I have never own this type of device and hope have the opportunity to try it!!! Because it is one in a lifetime experience because nowadays everybody is showing off their devices but for me I just want to experience how it feel like to be using it. THAT ALL ^^


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JeM said...

Wow! Interesting post. very informative.

Anonymous said...

I can say that it is better than Ipad smaller and better

ili said...

cooler than for sure.

Anonymous said...

correct me but as I know galaxy tab use android, not windows os.

I tried it last month at Kota Kinabalu Maxis branch. Quite laggy to be honest.

Then last week I bought myself an ipod touch which is much smoother, I will go for galasy tab-alike when the technology is more matured, something like galaxy tab2.

Visit my blog and drop some comments too :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

is this some kind of "spot-the-grammer-mistake" post?

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ Thanks for correction! Have changes it! *THUMB UP* for this device

Nikel Khor said...

yes..u can win

Awan Bellz said...

This is one of the best device and it is better than APPLE IPAD

AppLe-Bb said...

Wow, this is cool!Will take this in consideration :)

andy telasai said...

that is madly one if cool gadget we must have!!

Daphne Le Lyra said...

jimmy!ur post makes me wanna buy it oo..but seriously i dun like Ipad either..i prefer this samsung galaxy tab..the os more funky one rite.using,it will be more faster than the usual os..I wish u will win for it..all d best ya!!

Jamie Wong said...

This is the next generation devices nobody would want to bring their laptop anymore they will depend on device like Samsung Galaxy Tab

Thinking of getting it

Allan said...

Yeah, it's so easy to carry around! excellent compromise between a smartphone and the ipad! All the best dude!

hey, feel free to leave a comment on my post too!

James Choo said...

It is a must buy device for this Christmas